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tailored loose gemstones cut lapidary service online


                        “When a jewellery designer receives a beautiful stone tailored for him/her, enthusiasm will drive his/her imagination right away...The stone will lead the design... and not the opposite."

Gemstones Brazil customer, Nisrine Mourad



You can envision better than anyone else the kind of gems that will perfectly suit your designs. This is why, here at Gemstones Brazil, we offer our customers the opportunity to have their gems cut to their specifications for their jewellery collections. 

We are delighted to be able to work closely with our customers, offering the possibility to choose the colour, weight, size and shape of their gems with our high quality lapidary service. We love this alliance with jewellers to develop their unique collections! Allowing the artist to choose how their gems are cut can help ensure a streamlined design process and the perfect finished product. 


 Gemstones consultation advisement and lapidary service


We know that it is not always easy to find the right gemstones, but our bespoke service help to solve this problem by allowing the jeweller to specify exactly what they would like from their gems. We have been offering this service for some time, and can assure our customers that this collaboration is a pleasant and straightforward experience. However, in order to make the availability of this service clearer and easier to access, we are adding a new link to the top of the home page. Here you will find a simple form where you can add the details of the gems you require, and we will then be able to generate a quote for you based on these details.
About the bespoke service, Maira Toledo, Gemstones Brazil’s manager, comments: “After years of experience working with jewellers, I could list many advantages of having bespoke gems cut, for example, the gems can be made to precise sizes that allow them to be calibrated to fit in CAD, making the design process as smooth as possible. Through this service, we can also offer consistently high-quality gems at excellent wholesale prices.”
 We are confident that our customers will find this service valuable in helping to create their own collections, but don’t just take our word for it! Here is what some of our customers had to say about working with Gemstones Brazil:



Don’t just take our word for it, though! Read some kind words from our valued customers on why they think our gem cutting service is an essential for jewellers:
"In the world of jewellery, everything is so interrelated. A design alone without exquisite stones and perfect finishing won't be enough to produce a piece of art. In my case, before designing and even before implementing the piece, I care about the stone: the colour, the shape, the cut, the sharpness, the quality, the rareness... I believe that perfection in all aspects of a stone can only be achieved if it is extracted properly from the mines, cut with the best technology and tailored directly for the customer. When a jewellery designer receives a beautiful stone tailored for him/her, enthusiasm will drive his/her imagination right away... The stone will lead the design... and not the opposite..."

         Nisrine Mourad


“Full control over design and quality is what all jewellery designers and business owners strive for. Generally, a designer will design around a gemstone, however by using a custom cutting service the designer is free to design that looks best, and have the gems cut to fit the design. Quality is always important, but when making and remaking a collection of jewellery consistency from one piece to the next is paramount. When designing collections of jewellery that you may remake for years to come finding a reliable cutting service like the one provided by Gemstones Brazil is essential.”


      Ben Manning


“The purpose of each jeweller is to create beautiful and authentic jewellery. When we are talking about collections, they are united by ideas, metals, jewellery forms and gemstones. Sometimes it happens that not all gemstones that are found, are suitable for a specific collection. In those instances, I reach out to the dealer with a request to cut out special shapes. I get to design the shapes and choose the gemstones. It encourages my creativity and deepens my knowledge. This, in my opinion, is one of the advantages of stone cutting.
Other advantage is cooperation. Communicating with a person whose passion is gemstones is an amazing experience! They share their practices, knowledge and love for the art. And, it may sound like fairy tale, but we get to meet in one piece of jewellery - my expectations and the gemstone dealer’s experience.
Writing this, I realized that it is the most important part of specialty cut gemstones. The ability for two or more artists to meet and express themselves in one piece of jewellery.”


      Karolis Ro Černeckis




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