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In all the years that I have been working with gemstones I have seen the most varied and beautiful jewellery. Fairs, exhibitions, meetings, galleries…. it has been impossible not to fall in love! Apart from being a gemstones devotee, I have undoubtedly also become a jewellery lover. So, I have decided to share my passion for jewellery by honouring some of my favourite jewellery designers and their extraordinary pieces. Welcome!





Beth Gilmour

When you think of Beth Gilmour jewellery, images of the most delicate reproduction of nature spring to mind. Beth carefully draws fully on the natural environment to create her beautiful hand-made pieces in her studio in London. According to the artist “the signature leaf patterns have a fresh, quintessentially British aesthetic, influenced by her childhood spent in the Somerset countryside”

I've selected some of my favourite Beth Gilmour jewellery to share here on “Jewellery that I love”, this beautiful fusion of textures and hues to start the weekend on a happy note!These Silver Chandelier Drop Earrings with Blue Topaz in the main picture are a perfect example of Beth’s talent.
Here is the
Blue topaz necklace



What about this oxidised silver necklace with freshwater pearls, citrines and lemon quartz?

Another temptation: spring pendant with diamonds and amethyst.

Want more? How about these lovely yellow gold sprig earrings with citrine drops?







Kimberly Macdonald

Undoubtedly, Kimberly Macdonald is in vogue. After seeing her work worn by Michelle Obama for the 2013 presidential inaugural ball, and following this by getting into Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz wardrobes, the North Carolina jeweller is conquering the world of fashion. So what is the secret of her success? According to Kimberly, “the collection is not only beautiful, but it is as unique as the women who wear it”. I agree - her jewellery is certainly unique!
In my opinion, the key to her success has been the extravagant use of rough and wonderful materials, allied to her exceptional taste. Kimberly's collections use agates, geodes, natural and untreated fine materials such as diamonds, raw emeralds and baroque pearls - a plethora of marvellous loose gemstones.Of her use of stones, Kimberly says: “There is such an abundance of material out there, we need not continue to harvest many of the materials needed to create. I like to think of each creation as an extension of what nature has given us and we strive to preserve the integrity of the material and its unique energy. We also strive to reuse rather than reap. Jewelry was initially created to carry symbolic talismans and stones of energy or import. I believe it should still have that meaning and that we can accomplish this without pillaging nature.”With her permission, I borrowed some of her pictures to celebrate this brilliant jeweller - enjoy!

Earrings set with 108.5 carats of emerald slices with 28.02 carats of natural brown diamonds in 18-karat rose gold. 

2.71-carat diamonds, 23.9-carat emerald slices, blue geode agate formation with a quartz crystal interior



Double geode, gold and emerald pavé drop earrings in a vibrant green hue


Black geode and emerald earrings.


Black geode and emerald ring. 

Super 7 earrings
Filipa Oliveira
In the pic, wonderful earrings made by Filipa Oliveira, from her Golden Honey Collection, with ethically produced emeralds from Gemstones Brazil, 18ct. gold plated silver and filigree.
Filipa works with traditional filigree, creating lovely pieces of contemporary jewellery.  
According to the jeweller, she designs "jewellery inspired by my Portuguese culture as tribute to it. It transmits technical heritage and embraces the soul of the past and present. I create contemporary filigree jewellery that is hand-crafted using a 5000 year-old technique which has been passed down from one generation to the other."
In the video below, Filipa shows us this milenar technique. Enjoy it!


Posted by Filipa Oliveira Jewellery Design on Thursday, 3 April 2014


Yen Duong and her beautiful Molecule Embellish Collection.

This definitely qualifies as “distinctive jewellery”. I find it fascinating the way she plays with the colours of the stone and the metals. The amethyst has a brilliant, fresh purple that makes a lovely match with the silver oxidation and the 9 ct. gold details. The necklace is very delicate but at the same time is incredibly powerful. This is the kind of jewellery you can wear with any old clothes and you instantly dressed to go anywhere!


According to Yen, “she remains uncompromising in her passion for distinctive jewellery since establishing the company in 1996. By experimenting and reinventing her work, she maintains a freshness and energy while retaining the essence that gives distinction to the Yen Jewellery brand”.

Fei Liu blue topaz jewellery


Leading Chinese designer Fei Liu rocks! Over the past two years he has won lots of jewellery prizes, such as the Harper’s Bazaar China Jewellery Designer of the Year 2011 and the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 this year.
 Fei Liu describes his designs as “a unique fusion of his Eastern heritage and Western design practice”. I had the opportunity to see his work in London recently, and I really loved it. His pieces are very elegant, but full of character and femininity - his Whispering collection is a very good example. In these pics, Fei Liu combines blue topaz, blue sapphires and diamonds - such a gorgeous combination with an abundance of glamour!







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