Coloured Gemstones: An online Buyer’s Guide - What you should look for in an online gemstone dealer.

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Not long ago, I posted an article on my Blog talking about the “4 things you need to know when you buy a gemstone.” The idea was to give my readers a concise overview of the essential basics around the 4 Cs - colour, clarity, carats and cut.





Having said that, there are, however, some principles I would like to share in order to improve the likelihood that the affair with your gem is not only passionate but also satisfying.

Buying your stones on line probably means to reduce the price you pay from your retail shop or even wholesale distributors - who are in the supply chain for gemstones, but I would recommend taking the proper steps to ensure a satisfactory purchase!


Here are my tips about choosing a reputable dealer. You are going to be rewarded by your decision.


1.    Always read the company “About Us” page. Try to identify its history, principles and aims.

2.    Read the company’s reviews is one of your best guides. Don’t forget to read what others have to say about the products they bought. 

3.   Buy from a company witch has been in the business for few years. Bad companies rarely survive long.

4.   Don't deal with a company before checking its address, phone and email. Maybe get in contact with them?

5.    Buy from suppliers who have a good stock – they will often offer better prices.

6.   Don't buy a gem unless the vendor can guarantee that the specific stone is in his stock – every gemstone is unique!

7.   You want to see the stones pictures before buying! The stone must be portrayed fully and accurately.

8.    Don't buy a stone without detailed information about it – carats, clarity, colour and cut are the main ones.

9.   An honest dealer will disclose any treatments. Coloured gemstones are usually treated to some extent to improve their appearance.

10.  Be sure the company provide payment options that offer reasonable consumer protection, such as major credit cards or PayPal.

11. If you can't return it, don't buy it. Your best protection in any purchase is your ability to return the item for a full refund. 


Last but not least, and all other things being equal, enjoy the experience!

Luxuriate in the sparkling world of the precious stones.

See you soon!




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